Futures Care is able to provide you with dedicated 1-1 support where staff are able to be responsive to your assessed needs. As well as receiving comprehensive 24 hour around the clock care and support, you will also benefit from an experienced staff team who between them have a wealth of knowledge and skills to draw on.

Our client-centric approach will ensure that you will have a detailed and accurate care plan, which will outline the care and support tasks to be delivered. Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed, as we aim to provide you with the best care possible.

We consider outcome based support particularly important with regards to your goals and aspirations. We will work together with you to ensure we reach your full potential.

Our staff at Futures Care have undertaken a rigorous training programme which is updated and reviewed regularly to ensure it is compliant with Care Quality Commission's standards of excellent care. We will look to complete additional and specialised training should your personal circumstances require.

The people we have experience in supporting have a range of diagnoses, such as learning difficulties, mental illness, autism and acquired brain injury. However here at Futures Care we work hard to provide a personalised service beyond the diagnosis.